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Our Most Used Power Tools On The Farm

Addison Farms started out as completely raw, untouched land. 14 acres of woods to be exact. Over the past 4 years, we have slowly been building out our dream hobby farm one DIY project at a time.

From day 1, we committed to DIY-ing our way through each and every project - we wanted our hands to be on everything. Since moving to the farm, we have built a fence around our horse pasture, a run-in barn, raised garden beds, a chicken coop and run, and much more.

With each project, our tool collection grows, but there are 5 power tools that have become our staple tools that we use for almost every DIY project.

1. Impact Driver - If you are just getting started on your DIY journey, then the first thing you need to get is an Impact Driver. It is an extremely handy, dynamo handheld tool that is designed to do one various types of fasteners. You will also need a Bit Set - we love the one linked below by Makita.

2. Cordless Drill - A standard drill driver is one of the most essential, all-purpose tools you can have in your tool collection. Drills are best used when you need to drill holes or drive in screws or other small fasteners. While a drill is similar to an impact driver, it does not have as much power or torque but it is still a very useful tool and one that we use often.

3. Circular Saw - Having a circular saw in your toolbox will be very helpful, as it is a versatile tool. They are a fairly compact, handheld saw that allows you to be mobile, unlike a miter saw (more on these later). We primarily use the circular saw to cut wood boards to be used for fencing, framing, or our raised beds. We also have invested in a beam cutter attachment that makes cutting the tops of posts quick and easy.

4. Nail Gun - The nail gun is our most recent investment that we primarily purchased for our chicken coop build, but after seeing how useful it was, we can't believe we have gone this long without one! A nail gun is GREAT for framing and much faster than using screws. I have a feeling this tool is going to be a frequent flyer around here as we get started on building a hay barn and greenhouse.

5. Miter Saw - A miter saw is a great alternative to a circular saw and is especially useful when having to make multiple cuts to the same size (i.e. fence boards or garden beds). It also makes angled cuts much easier and more accurate than if you were to use a circular saw.

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