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The Hive - The Layout

Now that our secret is out, I cannot wait to bring you along for our journey as we complete The Hive!

So...what have we been up to over the past few months?

Building a short-term rental on the farm was part of the plan from day one, but it was not always going to be a shipping container. We knew we wanted to create a unique space for guests, but we did not know what that looked like at first, so we explored many different concepts. Once we came across shipping container homes, we did our research and quickly fell in love with the idea. Now that we had this exciting idea, we had to figure out how to make our vision come to life. We spoke with several different builders and found a company about an hour away from us in Walhalla, SC. In March, we drove up to Walhalla to look at a few different container homes, and as soon as we stepped inside the first shipping container, we knew we were onto something.

By the time we got home that day, we already had a general idea of the layout we wanted. We spent the next week drawing on graph paper, testing out different layout and design options, and creating vision boards.

The shipping container we are using for The Hive is 40 feet long and 8 feet wide. Due to its size, we had to be very intentional and strategic with the design of the home. I'll be the first to admit, I enjoy nice things, especially when I'm on vacation. My husband Drew would probably say I have very high standards when it comes to my accommodations, and he is not wrong! So, what do I value most in a short-term rental? A king bed is a must! Drew is 6'4" and a queen bed just doesn't cut it, a full-service kitchen, a nice bathroom/shower, and outdoor living space. Add a great view in the mix, and I'm sold! Knowing how particular I am, I couldn't create a space for others without meeting that same standard. The Hive checks all of my boxes and so much more.

The Hive will sit right on the water's edge of Saluda Lake. Based on its prime lakefront location, highlighting the amazing view and giving guests an indoor/outdoor living experience was a top priority, and what better way to do that than putting in FOUR roll-up garage doors - one in each room. Yes, that means in the bathroom as well...more on that in a minute!

Working with a small space really tests your innovation and creativity, picture a lifesize, 3-D puzzle. Our first order of business was figuring out how we could fit a king bed in the bedroom. Most of the time, a king bed in a tiny home is unheard of; however, it was a must-have for us so we put our heads together and came up with the idea to add a bump-out in the bedroom. This means the bedroom will be 2.5 feet wider than the rest of the container. Now, not only does it accommodate a king bed, but you can actually walk all the way around it!

Another challenge for us when it came to the layout, was the bathroom. We knew we wanted a walk-in shower, but we also wanted a bathtub. Who doesn't love a long relaxing bath while on vacation? No matter how many times we configured the space it just wasn't working. Note to self...what works on graph paper does not always translate to living space. However, after several *failed* attempts at trying to make it work, my brilliant husband came up with the idea, "Why don't we just put the tub on the deck, and instead of 1, let's do 2 large soaker tubs. Oh! And let's add a garage door in the shower too!!" And just like that, my favorite feature in The Hive was born. The walk-in shower will have a roll-up garage door that opens up onto the deck where 2 soaker tubs will be waiting for you. There will be a privacy fence around the tubs and bathroom area, so you will have plenty of privacy and this little oasis will be stocked with bathrobes, bubble bath soap, and bathtub reading trays. Cue relaxation.

In the space between the luxe bathroom and cozy bedroom, you will find a full-service kitchen that opens up to the living area. My second favorite feature of The Hive is the indoor/outdoor bar top in the kitchen. Instead of a full roll-up garage door, we are going with a half door to allow for a bar top that can be enjoyed indoors, outdoors, or both!

One thing that Drew and I have always agreed on is that if we are going to do something, we are going to go all out, no skimping allowed! The Hive project is no different. With custom cabinets, hand-thrown tile, wood features, unique accent walls, and much more, we truly want this experience to be one of a kind.

So, where are we now? The site work is complete, the footers have been poured, and the dock has arrived. This week, they are working on the foundation, and we hope to have The Hive delivered in the next week! The Hive is currently at a warehouse about an hour away where all the plumbing, electrical, drywall, painting, and trim have been completed. The rest of the build will be done on-site at AF. We are SO CLOSE to having The Hive on the farm. I hope you are as excited as I am to see it!



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